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Information about EU kontroll in Spydeberg

The purpose of an EU inspection is to detect irregularities in a vehicle with regard to safety and the environment. The control is basically a public matter, but workshops approved for EU control performs most of the controls in Norway.

The control is built up systematically by governments, but many decisions require judgment. The inspection shall describe the vehicle's condition in the control moment, it should not be confused with a technical check in terms of a situation that lies in the future.

An EU control should stand on its own and any errors identified by the workshop are ranked based on the criteria set.

We recommend whatever our customers that they get into the rights you have as a customer and that they find themselves a workshop to experience having a good dialogue.

If you as a customer want to complain, you can either complain to the shop that has done EU control, or you can complain to the Public Roads Administration.

You can also take another EU control over another workshop, but you can not complain to another yard on a EU control performed by others.

In Control can be performed at a different shop than where they took control.

Here in Vidars Autorep AS, the workshop at Industriveien 2, 1820 Spydeberg, you often get an appointment the same day. You can deliver the car in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. This is something our clients appreciate.

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